Different, we live together

A work born out of an exploration trip down to Little India, Singapore. Taking on a drifting approach, (allowing one to wander freely guided by free will) and visually documenting the entire experience of sight, smell, experience, and also the typography in the environment, I started to see how many people born of different ethnic groups and different nationalities co-exist in this unique system seldom observed in other parts of Singapore. Languages, verbal and written differ from lane to lane, shop to shop, and this intricacy in our society, is exactly what defines it, whereby people communicate as a collective whole.

This particular work borrows on the main ingredients of a popular dish found in Little India, mutton curry: Potato, Onion, Coconut milk & Mutton. As objects pass through a liquid surface, its very properties that define it visually gets abstracted and what we see is in fact an image of inference or a collective of ideas. I felt that this analogy was very appropriate for what i had wanted to express about this area. On top of that, i superimposed text of different languages, from photographs taken at the location itself, onto the objects as an added-on representation of Little India itself.

Digital Photography
Each: 84.1 x 59.4cm
Total(4 panels): 84.1 x 237.6cm

Different, we live together
© 2009 FACTORY 1611