Black and white photography, the truth. Truth has a timeless quality to it, much like the visuals of pure black and white. One wouldn’t notice the grays per se, one notices the representation, one notices the subject. This series, aims at the distrustful nature of this certain portrayal of realism often seek upon within our society. Singapore, as most developed nations are, move towards a regular march towards urban alienation. Relationships between humans slowly become marginalized, as people adapt to this speeding environment by retreating deeper into their individual shells of privacy. Much can be illustrated by the regular, yet often unnoticed phenomena of working individuals leaving their abode for work, and returning to that at the end of the day, with minimal contact between the people living around them. As such, we develop this unique, or should I say by-product of increased curiosity into the private lives of others.

This series, Interior/Exterior takes on the vantage point of an invisible first person. It takes the viewers beyond their framed portion of the world to its relationship with that society it belongs in as a whole. I brought common activities known to almost everyone in their privacy, out to a entirely different context of the public. It is meant to intrude into the participant’s privacy, as well as to trigger the shock of those curious eyes who look on. It is in that irony that is created, we want to look, but at the same time, we are shocked by what we see! Through this cross contextual nature of things, more of the experience is left to dynamism of the free realm, especially the truth of the ‘moment’. The series challenges people to question or embrace our place in society, realize the necessity of having multiple vantage points, between absolute truths and denials of how our society has moulded us.

Series of 9, Conceptual Photography
Shot on ILFORD FP4, ISO 125/400, Black & White film


© 2010 FACTORY 1611