Yangtze Revival

Fading traditions Campaign: YANGTZE REVIVAL

Location: Chinatown — One of the last remaining old style Cinema in Singapore

Singapore, much like the social fabric of a rapidly developing nation state is thrust towards the future, subtlety abandoning its skins of the past decades, and my generation and the ones after mine are caught in this crossroads of exchange, where many a times, we are lost in this framework where the history and cultures are lost on us whilst the notion of the creation, of the fresh and new, is taken on everyday. We learn about our history from textbooks, but all the history on the streets are being reconstructed, refurbished, and restored. The most mundane scenes from the past are lying dormant under the surface, and no matter how ordinary they are, these are, at some point in time, connected to the world at large. Our education system may seek to engulf us with journalistic truths about our past, but it had never achieved to take me beyond the ‘realism’ that those photographs showcased.

Yangtze Cinema was once the place where everyone visited for their favourite Asian blockbusters, before its slow demise to its current state of showing R(A) films only. The task here is to rebrand and reinvent this theatre, to exclusively screen Classic Asian Films, to bring back the audiences and fans of these classics from all age generations.

The task here is to relaunch Yangtze Cinema as part of a Yangtze revival Campaign, to now exclusively screen Classic Asian films. Making use of old styled film advertising (Painted Billboards) with other forms of advertising channels to promote, and preserve this piece of Singapore’s cinema history

Yangtze RevivalYangtze RevivalYangtze RevivalYangtze RevivalYangtze RevivalYangtze RevivalYangtze Revival
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