As city dwellers in Singapore, we often notice the visual aspects of things because they often provide the most direct indication of what we need to know and understand in this fast paced society. However in truth, the sound aspect of our environment is omnipresent, and more often than not, it too makes up a huge portion of our daily experience living in this city. only for us to have missed realising its presence.

We seeked to engage viewers to undertake the process of rediscovering these seemingly ‘invisible’ sounds, by isolating these audio aspects of our society, taking them out of their visual context, for the viewers to breathe in these sounds and appreciating the ephemeral beauty of it, as well as to hear them from a different perspective. The typography is intentionally made ‘invisible’ and linked to a single source transmitting the sounds, which reflects the issue of invisible sounds and their fundamental place in Singapore’s social fabric.

EZ-link tapping sound, On bus 199, Boon Lay MRT; Coins payment sound, On bus 199, Hall 11 bus stop; Raining sound, Jurong Point; Train is coming & doors closing, Boon Lay MRT platform; Ice Tea stirring & sucking, Kedai Kue Kue Bugis Junction; Buddhist song, Waterloo St Guan Yin Temple; Selling flowers, Waterloo St Guan Yin Temple; Battery operated lantern music, Waterloo St; Traffic light sound, Bugis Junction traffic light junction; Egg frying, 255 Loyang Rise; Kettle whistling, 43B Surin Avenue; Refrigerator, Blk 5 Rochor Rd #14-614; Hair Dryer, 53 Soo Chew View; Electric drill, 222C Bedok Central #09-53; Dripping tap, Blk 298 Tampines St 23 #07-345; Kettle being filled, Blk 23 Pipit Rd #09-10; Cutting bread, Blk 423 Serangoon Avenue 1 #13-21; Gas stove, Blk 255 Clementi Avenue 3 #11-556; Teapot being filled, 7 Flora Drive #05-26

In Collaboration with
Yong Yi
Trixie Chua

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