Don’t let information take over

This is a video addressing the severe and real situation of Information Gluttony faced by the literate world today. Tons of information are being generated every single moment, read from books, downloaded from the internet, shared with friends, or even the obscene amounts of visual information congested around us. Even more to that, the birth of social media has allowed this transferring and sharing of information to escalate beyond every single means. It’s only a matter of time the bulk of the society is going to collapse under the weight of this influx when this equilibrium of information to receiver overloads, like a truck of cold air being sucked into a cracked open mass vacuum.

Stress issues, insecurities, psychological problems, who knows what might happen to our dear future?

While this situation is impossible to eradicate, we must then learn how to live and grow with it. And more importantly, us Creatives whom are most highly culpable to the negative effects of these impacts should draw consciousness to these problems and learn how to deal, and even so creatively employ it to our advantage.

In Collaboration with

Director of Photography & Lighting
Fahmy Kiboshskie

Jarryl Chia, Dzafirul Haniff, Roy Wang

Special Thanks to
Jasper Yu & Philothea Liau

© 2011 FACTORY 1611