Semicolon specialises in unconventional design, branding and communication solutions through moving images, with an uncanny ability to make seemingly dissonant ideas work in perfect unison. Comprising of a permanent team of four directors, joined by an ever expanding network of talented multi-disciplinary creatives, they aim to provide a collective resource to meet clients’ needs.

Much like their company name suggests, in which Semicolon is used to combine sentences with opposing meanings and link interdependent statements, this pool of creatives throw in ideas that may sometimes oppose, but yet are able to link them together to create fresh and often unexpected works, showcasing each of members’ specialties at the same time.

The logo design was crafted using the most identifiable definition of the Semicolon, the symbol itself, to bring about direct recognition with the company. Taking that into consideration, adjustments were made to the symbol to portray a more modern and contemporary visual language, which translates in the company’s position as a creative studio, as well as a timeless and recognizable imagery in regards to brand recognition.


In Collaboration with
Jarryl Chia

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