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It’s a project first and foremost addressing the severe and real situation of Information Gluttony faced by the literate world today. Tons of information are being generated every single moment, read from books, downloaded from the internet, shared with friends, or even the obscene amounts of visual information congested around us.

While this situation is impossible to eradicate, we must then learn how to live and grow with it. And more importantly, us Creatives whom are most highly culpable to the negative effects of these impacts should draw consciousness to these problems and learn how to deal, and even so creatively employ it to our advantage.

When we spend the last 5 minutes researching on a poster layout or examining a logo, where did the past 5 minutes go? When time is used up, does it go to some kind of place like a junkyard? Does time evaporate and turn into rain and start all over again? No it doesn’t of course. It gets absorbed into our mind and takes up space in storage, so to speak. However, what if every stage of the creative process and information received or generated can be recorded down easily and shared with other creatives?

We hope this program would form a huge database of ideas and inspiration, providing creatives with a easy documentation of their thought processes and information received throughout their entire project, providing a easy reference for themselves in the future, as well as more channeled search and receiving data and information for other creatives, based on project types or nature. It would not only save time, but would allow a clearer processing of information, both taken and given.

After all, the same source of inspiration is, in fact a different inspiration to every single Creative.

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