CCA Talks

In conjunction with Art Stage Singapore 2014, the Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA) presented CCA Talks at Art Stage, which featured an exciting array of artists, curators, writers, academics and other art world personalities. This series of talks focuses on the challenges and particulars of the regional art landscape. Convened by Lee Weng Choy, CCA’s Deputy Director and Senior Curator (designate), this year’s programme engages the ‘We are Asia’ theme of the art fair in three sessions: Hong Kong vs Singapore, Art & Knowledge and Local Art Institutions: New Horizons.
For this, we designed an interesting promotional brochure which detailed the schedules of the talks and the profiles of the various speakers. The brochure also doubled up as a poster when fully opened.
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CCA Talks, Local Art Institutions: New Horizons panel discussion with Low Sze Wee (Director Curatorial & Collections, National Art Gallery Singapore), Susie Lingham (Director, Singapore Art Museum), Bala Starr (Director, ICAS, Lasalle, Singapore), Ute Meta Bauer (Director, CCA Singapore); Photography by Luca Lum

CCA TalksCCA TalksCCA Talks
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