Centre for Contemporary Art

The CCA—Centre for Contemporary Art is a research centre of Nanyang Technological University (NTU), developed with support from the Singapore Economic Development Board, officially opened in October 2013.
The CCA embraces artistic, academic and scholarly research, and views contemporary art as a form of knowledge production in its own right. Through a holistic approach, the CCA’s three main areas of activity—exhibitions, residencies and research—are intertwined and feed into each other, shaping organically the profile and programme of the institution.
We were commissioned to develop their brand identity ranging from their logo, stationary & marketing materials as well as way-finding systems. During its inaugural phase, we also designed a series of materials to promote the “Free Jazz” events, a series of programmes where creatives, cultural producers and intellectuals come to improvise together and contribute to the thinking and envisioning of the potentials for this new Centre for Contemporary Art.
“Free Jazz” event poster
Free Jazz_Bani Haykal Trio
Free Jazz, Performance by trio Bani Haykal, Ila and Syv Bruzeau, December 2013. Photography: Luca Lum
Free Jazz_Lee Wen
Free Jazz Inaugural Event, Lee Wen performing: “WE HERE SPEND TIME # 2”, Collaborative action conceived by Jason Wee and Lee Wen in collaboration with Angie Seah, Karl Kerridge and Jordan Rais, October 2013. Photography: Wahid Subarmah
Free Jazz_Offcuff
Free Jazz Inaugural Event, OFFCUFF performance (Bani Haykal, Mohamad Riduan, Shahila Baharom and Wu Jun Han), October 2013. Photography: Wahid Subarmah

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