ADM Show 2014

A rubber band is a simple object that could represent many things. Its adaptive nature allows it to stretch and take on any shape: shapes that are limited only by one’s imagination.
The annual ADM Graduation Show is a showcase of ideas from the graduating batch of students. In this aspect, the rubber band, in its original state, represents the birth of an idea. Limitless possibilities arise when combined with a student’s creativity.
The identity for this show is based around a bold uppercase sans-serif logotype. It accentuates the contrast between different planes and movements, forming a visual representation of the quality of adaptivity that captures the dynamism of the show and unifies its themes of creativity, fluidity, and visual impact.
Centring the logotype in the midst of the rubber bands, we thrust it into the limelight, celebrating the pushing of one’s limits and the excitement of possibilities.
For this exhibition, we developed an identity which made use of the rubber band as a primary narrative, applied across all print, digital, & environmental mediums using a bold and extremely eye catching color palette. We also tied in the idea of each student being uniquely creative through the photo shoot; whereby each student is dressed in a manner that befits their personalities and creative ideals.
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Full set of collaterals
ADM Grad Show_11
ADM Grad Show_12
ADM Grad Show_03
ADM Grad Show_10
Exhibition Catalogue
ADM Grad Show_01
ADM Grad Show_04
ADM Grad Show_06
ADM Grad Show_05
Special insert opens up to a spread containing photographs of the graduating students.
ADM Grad Show_07
ADM Grad Show_08
ADM Grad Show_09
An app designed for the show on both iOS & Android platforms that contains nifty features such as being able to browse through all the graduating students’ portfolios on the fly, contacting the students directly through the app (either though e-mail, calls or messaging) and also finding out about the latest events.
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ADM Show 2014ADM Show 2014ADM Show 2014ADM Show 2014
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