A Transient Summer

“One sees the beauty of something, when you remove yourself totally of it”
A Transient Summer is a four meters tall kinetic installation that explores the notion of mono-no-aware, loosely translating to the awareness for the transience of things, an important notion in Zen Buddhism. It focuses on the interdependence of memory and consciousness by examining the invisible boundaries between time and space.
By placing the viewer in the dark depths of the structure, the experience creates a spatial divider between the viewer and the sky above. As the light travels across the sky mimicking the movement of earth around the sun, its rays are cast all around the viewer in that one singular moment when the sun is right overhead, before returning the viewer to a state of alienation shortly. Carrying an emotional depth, the natural phenomena effortlessly evokes in the viewer empathy towards the inevitable passing of all things, but yet the subconscious realization of its immense beauty by celebrating its very state of impermanence.
Exhibited as part of Transmission 2013 at Phunk gallery.

A Transient Summer_01_LR
A Transient Summer_02_LR
A Transient Summer_03_LR
Jac Min
Solomon Quek
Special thanks
Vincent Wang
Bert Lighting House
Philothea Liau
Mark Ong
Russel Chen
Ng Si Ya
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