Pufferfish Partners

Pufferfish Partners is an acceleration partner for technology oriented businesses looking to expand in Asia Pacific.

We were tasked to create a distinctive and iconic set of identity for Pufferfish Partners, taking inspiration from the services provided by the company, as well as its unique methodology of accelerating technology businesses, whilst combining people and process.

Inspired by the concept of making things happen, we created a Pufferfish logo that stems from connecting dots to form tangible results. The introduction of a full bodied teal and dark blue colour creates form from the initial lines & dots which injects fresh energy & movement into the logo. The overall effect is intelligent, energetic and powerful.

The concept was strengthened further through the infographics driven case study designs, where a Pufferfish is depicted taking a ‘Deep Dive’, exemplifying the idea of how the company is able to take its customers’ businesses safety through tough waters.


Pufferfish PartnersPufferfish PartnersPufferfish Partners
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