Superfat Designs

Superfat Designs is a multi-disciplinary interior and architectural consultancy firm, with a keen interest in visual arts, photography, sustainability and contextualism. They pride themselves in synthesising clients’ needs with contextualization and sympathy to the built environment, producing a design uniquely tailored to suit the lifestyles of their clients.

Used to be called Fat Designs, we were tasked to a conduct a rebranding exercise for Superfat Designs which highlights its repositioning towards sophistication and a wider range of work; a brand new set of identity to be applied across all print & online media.

We designed a modern brandmark shaped to resemble the bird’s eye view of a floor plan. The strokes and letterforms within speak about people and objects interacting in a dynamic and modular space – which is the essence of Superfat designs’ philosophy: To inform, transform and create form.

On top of that, the clean and bold website design we crafted echoes the studio’s strive for the perfect synergy of logic and creativity.

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Superfat DesignsSuperfat DesignsSuperfat Designs
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