Yik Zhuan Orchid

Yik Zhuan Orchid Garden is one of the largest Singapore orchid growers with at least 30 years of experience in nurturing and growing of orchids. Over the years of their operations, Dendrobium has been the main focus of the business, with a wide range of Dendrobiums either exported as freshly cut flowers or sold wholesale for the local market.

We were tasked on the rebranding of the Orchid garden as part of the expansion of their business operations. This was done in conjunction with the construction of their new fully equipped, state of the art greenhouse suited for growing a new breed of orchid, Phalaenopsis.

A brand new set of identity for Yik Zhuan Orchid Garden was designed across print and digital mediums to highlight its strong position as a market leader as well as to differentiate itself from its competitors. The brand mark with a calligraphic portrayal of its Chinese name, with five buds of Orchids in various stages of flowering encapsulates the Yik Zhuan methodology — A traditional trade infusing technology to equip itself for the future. Gold foil effects were used in conjunction to echo the brand’s elegance and history, whilst acknowledging the prestige Orchids carry, being known as the national flower of Singapore. Custom namecards were also created for each of their staff to showcase the new species of orchids the garden carries.

Visit their website here: www.yikzhuanorchid.com

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Yik Zhuan OrchidYik Zhuan OrchidYik Zhuan Orchid
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