ADM Prospectus 15/16

In conjunction with the 10 year anniversary of the School of Art Design & Media at Nanyang Technological University, we were tasked to design a special edition of the annual prospectus publication. This publication serves as a promotional material which allows prospective students to understand and find out more about the undergraduate programmes the university has to offer.
The publication is presented in an interesting two-booklet folded format: Part I explaining the admission criteria and general information about the school, whilst Part II details the Bachelors of Fine Arts programme offered at the institution.
The front cover is embossed in a striking fashion which runs all the way to the back, separated by an interesting pop up spine which presents the title of this publication.


ADM Prospectus 2015_LR_07ADM Prospectus 2015_LR_10

ADM Prospectus 2015_LR_09

ADM Prospectus 2015_LR_08

ADM Prospectus 2015_LR_03ADM Prospectus 2015_LR_06

ADM Prospectus 2015_LR_02ADM Prospectus 2015_LR_05

ADM Prospectus 2015_LR_04ADM Prospectus 2015_LR_11

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