Design Trail 2015

Design Trails 2015 is back with the theme “Then and Now”! Celebrating the nation’s 50th birthday, the trail brings participants to learn how design has enabled some of Singapore’s oldest businesses to keep up with the challenges of now. Places and objects of ‘then’ have been re-imagined in the context of ‘now’ and this aims to showcase how design innovation will continue to propel us into the future.
One of the stops was at The Working Capitol, where workspaces of independent local creative studios were showcased so that the public can have a glimpse into their everyday lives and at the same time, build an understanding of their creative flow, why they do what they do and how they do it.
We were invited by the curators of this event, Shophouse & Co to present our work space as part of this trail. As a multi-disciplinary art & design studio, we do a HUGE range of things. Instead of simply chugging down the big mashup of thing-a-ma-jigs comprising of our essential everyday objects & tools (from toys, pencils, reference books to hand drills even), we printed all of these items onto transparencies of various sizes to be placed on gridded table mat so that visitors can interact, re-arrange, and really get a sense of the fun that goes on in our day to day creative activities.

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Design Trail 2015Design Trail 2015Design Trail 2015Design Trail 2015Design Trail 2015
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