3D Wonders Museum

3D Wonders Museum is a brand new trick eye museum located in Sabah, Malaysia. It is housed within the same compound as the architectural marvel known as Rumah Terbalik, one of only five upside-down houses in the world and the first of its kind in Malaysia.
We were tasked to design the entire museum from ground up, from the branding, spatial and experience to content design, including hand crafting all of the thirty plus trick eye pieces around the museum.
Built and curated around the topic of conservation, the 3D Wonders Museum is not only the largest 3D art exhibition in East Malaysia, but also one of the only ones in the world that is dedicated to educating the public about the importance of protecting biodiversity, ecosystems, and natural resources against careless human activities. A segment of the exhibition also allows the visitor to experience Sabah’s beloved customs, traditions, and landscapes; rubbing shoulders with indigenous tribal headhunters, scaling Mount Kinabalu, and observing myriad wildlife in their natural habitats, allowing a unique glimpse into a side of Sabah you’ve never seen.
Official 3D Wonders Museum website
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3D Trickeye Artworks
3D Wonders Museum_Abseiling_05_LR
3D Wonders Museum_Ames_02_LR
3D Wonders Museum_Broken Bridge_04_LR
3D Wonders Museum_Floor plant_01_LR
3D Wonders Museum_Hanging with monkeys_03_LR
3D Wonders Museum_Horse riding_03_LR
3D Wonders Museum_Kayaking_04_LR
3D Wonders Museum_Mt Kinabalu_01_LR3D Wonders Museum_Rafflesian_04_LR
3D Wonders Museum_Rubbish_03_LR
3D Wonders Museum_Tamu_02_LR

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