Ideasinc is a start-up accelerator programme based in Nanyang Technological University which aims be a major partner in the Singapore’s effort to promote and develop an entrepreneurial environment to bring about significant economic and social development through home-grown enterprises. We were invited to create the brand identity for the StartingUP2015 conference organised by ideasinc, where locally based entrepreneurs and like-minded individuals are invited to share their start-ups’ founding stories, obstacles that they had encountered, and what they do to maintain their competitiveness.
The conference identity was based on the idea of a maze; navigating obstacles, overcoming challenges, the very spirit of entrepreneurship itself. We’ve created a custom maze typeface as a key graphic that exemplifies this spirit, and it is applied across all print, environmental & digital mediums.
Event photos: Courtesy of ideasinc
Ideasinc_StartingUP2015_FB Blast Conference_Working_01

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