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Something we’ve been doing for the past few years was to illustrate #FactoryCards with heartfelt messages and send it out to friends and family during the festive seasons such as Christmas & Chinese New Year, just to let them know how important they are to us. If it puts a smile on their face, it will put a smile on ours too.
This year, we wanted to do something more impactful to a larger audience on top of our circle of friends and family. In the past, it was common for people to make or send cards to each other, whereas in today’s fast paced society, these wishes are usually conveyed via SMS or email instead. The instantaneous nature of this somehow reduces the need for people to sit down and spend time to think of something meaningful they would like to say to another person. That brings us back to what we’re trying to do this year. In a small way through #WriteaChristmasCard, we want to remind people how wonderful it is to receive a handwritten note or card from someone they care about, and in turn inspire them to do the same.
How it works is simple. If you’d like a beautiful card to send to someone you care for, simply enter your valid mailing address via our website and we’d mail out a blank christmas card to you for free! Whilst we’d love to have an unlimited amount of cards to send out, we are really doing this out of our own pockets, so while stocks last!
It’ll truly mean a lot for some to receive a handwritten mail, be it a simple hello or you are missed. You can’t buy or replace that human to human connection with anything in the world, so go on and spread the joy this holiday season!
Visit www.WriteaChristmasCard.com!
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