A Figment of Film

While the disciplines of cinema and the visual arts have produced their respective innovations in image-making and modes of representation, they share intricate relationships of exchange, as contemporary artists and film-makers alike, deal with the complexities of image and narrative making. A Figment of Film presents five artists whose works deal with the very subject matter of film.  Each presentation engages with a broad dimension of cinema, ranging from the investigation of the still and moving image, to the reframing of filmic imagery.
In the exhibition, artists deal with the translation of cinematic images into painting, and vice versa, presenting new ways of looking at composition, perspective, spatial dynamics as well as time. Other works explore film history and the blurred boundaries between historical fact and Hollywood mythmaking. Through these works, the show raises questions that allow us to consider these languages of art-making, as well as new contexts of creation, innovation and reception in artistic production.
We were tasked to create a set of identity across various web, print & environmental mediums to promote the exhibition.

A Figment of FilmA Figment of FilmA Figment of FilmA Figment of FilmA Figment of FilmA Figment of FilmA Figment of FilmA Figment of FilmA Figment of Film
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