“We’re not technicians. We’re magicians”
Factory 1611 is an international Art & Design studio specialising in branding, business communication strategy, visual communication and fine art. Founded in Singapore, we have worked with a variety of clients ranging from public-listed corporations, government sectors, education institutes, museums, small medium enterprises and startups, from diverse fields including FMCG, retail, fashion, food and beverages, manufacturing and the fine arts.
Combining sound business strategy with Art and Design principles, allows us to create effective communication projects across all mediums. Good Art depicts and expresses an experience, whereas good Design successfully conveys a function or a message. We believe both are closely linked, thus the distinctions between Art & Design are often blurred in our works to create unconventional compositions and experiences.
In 2017, Factory 1611 opened its first regional branch in Shenzhen, China.

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